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DocumentSpeaker - Download DocumentSpeaker, versione 7.0

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DocumentSpeaker can read documents aloud in a human voice. Listen to eBooks, reports, word document, pdf document, PowerPoint document and any text on your PC. Turn your documents into wav files for your Apple iPod or other audio player. Why It? Reads your documents aloud to you while you work. Easy and quick conversion of all documents to wav, for convenient listening in the car. Now you can hear all the interesting files within your computer you never would read anyway, while driving at work. Easy to use, has Right click menu 'speak' at Windows Explorer.
Its features:
-You can listen to doc, docx, pdf, ppt, PPTX, txt files.
-Listen to any text.
-convert text to wav file.
-convert pdf to txt file.
-Control speed
-Control volume
-It allows you to select a different speaker.
-It can speak various languages, including English, German, French, Italy, and Spain, and in Arabic, Greece language, and so on.
-A friendly user interface. Speak Right click menu at Windows Explorer. It speak a file, using voice prompts you, in which file to read. During the conversion process, there will be a prompt. Which document is currently converting. The progress of its conversion.
-Online help
-register notify.
-Mail Support.
How much is It?
Its price is .99 only .
How to get registration code?
Click the 'buy now' button to buy it by PayPal.
We will send your registration code in two working days.
How to get our support?
Our support email address is
What are the System requirements?
-win 7, windows vista;
-if you need to speak doc, docx, ppt, PPTX, you should have installed MS Office.



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